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Indoor Air Quality Products & Air Duct Cleaning


Modern homes feature more solid construction and are better insulated than they have ever been before. However, that also means that air gets trapped inside of your house, along with allergens, pollens, mold, dust and other types of contaminants. In many houses, the air inside the home is more harmful to breathe than outdoor air, and that can pose serious health risks, especially if you are one of approximately 40 million Americans with allergies. Most of our time these days is spent indoors, and that means indoor air quality is potentially a major problem for our comfort and health.

Most houses use conventional electrostatic or disposable furnace filters for removing contaminants out of the air. Unfortunately, those filters trap just 15% of all of the pollutants that are found commonly in the air. MB Heating and Air Conditioning install professional grade air cleaners. These are very quiet and highly efficient air cleaners that do a vastly improved job of keeping the air inside your home safe to breathe.

MB Heating and Air Conditioning can also improve the air quality inside of your business or home with solutions that include exhaust fans, carbon monoxide alarms, humidifiers, UV light systems, air filters and ventilators. We can provide you with air quality solutions that can reduce pollutants in the indoor air by almost 99%. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate and learn more about our services.

Duct Cleaning Service

Annual filter, register, vent and duct cleaning and inspection is one of the more important maintenance services that we provide. Your home’s ductwork needs to be cleaned and checked at least once a year, and potentially more frequently if you have any pets or small children in your household, or if anyone suffers from allergies. Regular duct cleaning not only keeps your HVAC system working more efficiently, it also improves the air quality and also reduces pollutants such as mold that can be potentially harmful.

MB Heating and Air Conditioning technicians can provide air vacuuming and washing of all of the main ducts in your home as well as the following cleaning services:

– Clean Return Supply Air Trunks
– Clean Return Plenum
– Clean and Air Wash Every Register
– Clean Every Individual Duct Supply
– Clean Supply Air Trunk
– Clean Supply Plenum

There are companies that offer duct cleaning services that only use a shop vacuum. We offer much more efficient and thorough cleaning services. We use 8-inch vacuums on all of your return and supply ductwork and also high-speed air is used for flushing out contaminants from your ductwork and registers into our vacuums.

As you can see, we have a wide selection of air products that we also offer for improving your home’s air quality and keeping your ducts clean.